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Default Re: What Flexplate?

Can't beat the Meziere for durability . ...Mine is on it's third recert and still looks new.
More expensive ,yes, but not by that much considering how tough it is and its nearly 100% explosion proof.
All other flexplates ,regardless of manufacturer have a ring gear that is butt welded together and is welded on . ...If the ring gear weld does not have a weld across it attaching it to the disc it's a potential failure point .
I have personally seen several fail this way.
Charlie , I just had a friend send me pictures of a new ATI flexplate that had daylight showing between the ring gear and the plate between the welds.
How round do you think that ring gear was ? !
Bottom line is do you want a $100 piece of possibly Chinesium steel between your $20Kplus engine and your $1200 converter .
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