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Default Re: Not for Nuthin' But Close!

We race a 2.2 eco in IMCA dirt track and have done a lot of wheel dyno work. We have picked up a lot of Hp on the curve with a change in the stock ecu tune. We have to run a stock exhaust manifold, but a header and pipe should make more power. Face book Garret at TBG tuned for your tune up he does a lot of eco stuff. PM me and I can tell you some stuff on these motors cheap. They can turn 8000 on the stock bottom end with the rev limit turn up. The intake is the cork like many other engines. If you pull the intake off clean it out good with carb cleaner along with the intake port and valves will help with air flow. A fresh air system is also worth some power if done rite. The stock injectors are fine. Don't forget to change the fuel filter and copper core spark plugs with the gap run a little tighter will also help. Go to a junk yard and get stock cams from a Malibu or Classic same lift but different grind for more toque. I got some for 20 dollars for the pair. Get rid of the balance shafts and it will spin up quicker. There is a simple kit for this that can be done rite in the car. We have made around 160 at the wheel with this combo and with a header it would be more. We run a stick and used a Saturn Vue final drive, it has more ratio 3.94 to a 4.41. Have not done a lot of auto stuff but I sure a master as yourself can find out more. I would like to do a car like this but can't get done what I have already. Tom
Tom Meyer 5240 SS Stock ???

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