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Default Re: Not for Nuthin' But Close!

Originally Posted by Billy Nees View Post
This IS NOT a "Dime Rocket"!

Now for the payoff. I took the car to Island Dragway (the only track open on Bracket Finals weekend), got the car hot and made 3 passes doing nothing but clearing the ECU in the lanes before each run. It went 15.83, 15.80, 15.79 at 86 and change. For one last run, I tried cooling the car off before the run and it rewarded me with a 15.705 at 87! Not too bad on a 15.60 index! Not too shabby for a totally "stock", junk car.

This type of thread is why I joined Class Racer. The knowledge base of this forum is unmatched.

Billy, why and how are you clearing the ECU?


Rick Thomason
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